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When we stop falling in love with potential and allow the reality check set in that we don't love them, we love our idea of them.

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Welcome back to another episode of the She's Hungry podcast! I'm your host, Cait Pearson, and today's episode is like that unexpected plot twist in your favorite book—the one you never saw coming but can't stop thinking about.

Skipping the Routine: Ever had those days where inspiration hits like a bolt of lightning, and your morning routine gets tossed out the window? Yeah, that was me today. No coffee, no journaling—just raw, unfiltered thoughts straight from the heart.

Advice Column You Never Asked For: From intrusive thoughts to skipping coffee, I'm diving deep into a topic that's been nagging at me lately. It's time we stop boxing in dreams and start embracing the messy reality of human behavior.

Let Them Be: Picture this: you're on a radio show, doling out advice like there's no tomorrow. Well, that's me today. Let's talk about the power of "letting them be" and how it can transform your relationships.

Communicate or Bust: Communication—it's like the secret sauce of healthy relationships. Whether it's setting boundaries or calling out uncomfortable truths, I'm all about that full-chalant energy.

Falling for Potential: Warning: this episode contains truths you might not want to hear. Say goodbye to falling for someone's potential and hello to embracing reality, boundaries, and the gray areas in between.

Practice Being Uncomfortable: Life's not always rainbows and butterflies, but that's where growth happens. It's time to embrace discomfort, have those tough conversations, and stand firm in your values.

The Bedrock of Self: Know thyself. It's not just a catchy phrase—it's the foundation of everything. When you're crystal clear on your core values and boundaries, the gray areas disappear, and decisions become crystal clear.

Coaching Project: Ready to dive deeper into self-discovery? Join me for a 30-day coaching project starting in April. It's 20 calls, 75 minutes each, and completely free. Because everyone deserves support and space to be heard.

Coaching Porject: Facing Your Fear - Deets Found Here

Closing Thoughts: As we wrap up, remember: you are powerful, you are limitless, and you are enough. Until next time, keep living your fantastic fucking life and always stay hungry for more.

That's a wrap for today's episode! Tune in next time for more real talk, unexpected twists, and unapologetic authenticity. Until then, stay hungry, my friends. 🎙️✨

Xx, C

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12th House of Wild
She's Hungry Podcast
Welcome to the She's Hungry Podcast, here we explore the space between what we think we know, what we feel like we "should" know, and what has yet to be discovered that we've actually known all along.
I'm Cait Pearson, your host, a self-proclaimed philomath. At any given time I no-doubt have a minimum of 20 tabs open on my web-browser. Exploring topics ranging from easy recipes for nomadic, van-life living to research on correlative studies of neuropsychological fear responses as related to societal conditioned milestones deemed appropriate for women. The breadth is wide, and the depth gets real deep, and just like my web browser history on the show, anything goes. We will unravel common curiosities like shadow-work, facing fears, and what does it actually mean to do "the work." I'll talk about modern dating, travel recs, and the latest fiction books I'm loving.
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