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Why you might be the problem + How to match your energy to the solution.

Why you might be the problem + How to match your energy to the solution.

It's where woo meets science, and all the rabbit holes of my brain around energetics and how adopting this mindset could change your life.

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Hey there, fellow tired dreamers! It's Cait, and I'm excited to dive deep into some mind-bending topics in today's episode. So, let's buckle up for a wild ride as I spill the beans on my recent experiences, thoughts, and discoveries.

Snowy Reflections and Behind the Scenes: Alright, so I'm back in Bend, and the snow situation is driving me nuts. It's messing with my creativity, but hey, a silver lining—I've been sharing more behind-the-scenes stuff on Instagram and TikTok. It's been a cool way to connect with you all.

Exploring Energetics and Frequency: Let's talk about energy. Everything in the universe has its unique frequency, from plants to crystals. I'm getting into the power of visualization and manifestation, emphasizing how aligning thoughts with desired outcomes is a game-changer.

The Magic of Crystals and Herbalism: Now, things get interesting as we explore crystals, herbs, and apothecary studies. These objects carry stable frequencies, and their magic lies in how we charge and transmute them. I'm genuinely excited about the potential of these practices and their connection to personal growth.

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: From my coaching experience, I can't stress enough the importance of addressing root beliefs and values buried in the subconscious. Changing external outcomes requires transforming internal thought patterns—a holistic approach, you know?

Soul Alchemy Sessions: Time for a personal revelation—I'm thrilled to introduce "Soul Alchemy Sessions." These sessions aim to bridge the gap between societal conditioning and personal authenticity, guiding you to connect with your soul. And for the first 10 sessions, I'm offering a discounted rate. Exciting, right?

A Message of Empowerment: Here's a powerful message: seek purpose and support ruthlessly. You're worth fighting for. If you're feeling lost, take those first steps towards self-discovery and healing.

Closing Words: Expect more mind-expanding discussions from me in future episodes. Until then, remember, "I love you. I mean it 100%. My inbox is always open. Until next time, always stay hungry."

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12th House of Wild
She's Hungry Podcast
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