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Some Perspective Shifts For Communication and Tolerance Tools for The Holiday Season

Some Perspective Shifts For Communication and Tolerance Tools for The Holiday Season

Is this year coming to an end faster than expected or is that just me? I know over the next couple of weeks you may have to see people you haven't seen since this time last year, people you may not have seen in years, or just a sheer quantity of people that you would rather not all a once, in the same room or not.

I hear ya. In the spirit of celebrating our inherent resources that have nothing to do with your bank account, goals accomplished, or investment portfolio. I bring you new perspectives on better communication, incorporating a pause for assessing our tolerance window, and what it would really look like to set boundaries around responding in a way your nervous system appreciates, vs a boundary in a state of panicked reaction to get out of another conversation with Uncle Bob.

In this episode I explore:

  • a story (or two!) about how a few "innocent" jokes stuck with me and formed a negative story that held me captive and silent for years

  • how to back yourself out of the cornered conversation before reactivity steps in

  • what are some tools to use in conversations with people you care about

  • how I deal with assessing conflict and conversations that I just don't care about

  • a story on a time when I was called "vicious" by my own father and how that hurt helped to inform me on who and how I wanted to be years later

  • using discernment as an empowered tool for tolerance and showing up even when it's uncomfortable in the name of healing

  • and honestly so much more

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