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It's Giving Season: I'm Backkkk!

It's Giving Season: I'm Backkkk!

#1. Well it's December and I don't know about you but it's giving less holiday cheer and more like stress and overwhelm. Not to mention the fiasco of trying to relaunch* this show two weeks ago. *more on this in the episode. Today I'm talking about how anxiety in any given situation automatically puts a blindfold over absolutely any potential and how shifting your perspective on your resources can stifle the need to focus on things that cultivate a scarcity mindset (which can turn anyone into an absolute Grinch this time of year).  Also how money isn't the only asset you have to spread the seasonal spirit, and a bunch ton more like:

  • How the pressure, expectations, and unfulfilled potential can feel like a mountain we've been accumulating all year next to the mole hill of joy, gratitude, and togetherness we are “supposed” to feel this time of year and what I'm choosing instead.  

  • How we are conditioned to only value money as a resource, and what other resources we have unlimited access to no matter how much we have in our bank account, courtesy of learnings from the Book of the Month, Soul of Money by Lynne Twist  

  • The EPIC Feeling Collage Project inspired by bringing more intuition, play, and authenticity into smaller moments this time of year by my bestie, Lindsey of Play&Public 💙  

  • A little love note on your resilience that we all need to hear









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